As the weather shifts and Fall transitions to Winter, you may notice a difference in your skin. The changing weather can cause dark circles to form under your eyes, frown lines & fine wrinkles to become more visible, and can cause your skin to become dry& flaky. At Newman & Company, we offer various services to help you feel comfortable in your skin this season. 


As the temperatures decrease, so does the moisture in our skin, leading to the dry flakiness you may be experiencing. Facials are a fantastic option to replenish & maintain the moisture needed to keep your face fresh. November Specials are a must-see. Visit us online to view a complete list; simply click the link at the bottom.


• Fall Face Trio… $449 -The perfect opportunity to give you the full hydrofacial in preparation for the upcoming cooler weather. 


As the weather changes, our body works harder to keep us warm. In order to maintain body temperature, our body reduces blood flow by restricting the skin’s capillaries. As a result, facial redness, spider angioma, or even telangiectasia can occur, leading to possible damage of the “Acid Mantle,” which helps maintain skin balance. 


• Lux Under Eye Treatment… $499 – The ideal treatment is to tend to the dark circles that form under the eye during the colder season. 


• Modvellum HA Nano Infusion… $149 – Rejuvenating hyaluronic acid, collagen, antioxidants & vitamins infused into the skin. 


Help to protect your skin from the harsh conditions the weather can bring to your beautiful skin. Call us today at (866) 905-7005 to learn more about our Company and how we can help you. Also, don’t forget to ask about our fabulous November specials, including Black Friday, where we offer Bogo gift certificates! Visit us online for a complete list Special Offers – Newman & Co. (