Intimate Waxing
Keep yourself seductively smooth at all times. Male or female, Newman & Company offers waxing services for your most intimate areas using only high quality, hypoallergenic wax.

Inner Back Side

Newman & Company Medical Spa Intimates Treatments, Intimate Rejuvenation, Waxing servicesIntimate Treatments
We pamper ourselves from head to toe, but often ignore our most intimate areas. Time for some private pampering.

24K Vajaycial
Intimate area pampering to treat ingrown hairs, remove dead skin cells, prevent acne & maintain bright, healthy, hydrated skin down under.

Intimate Rejuvenation
There’s zero fun when it comes to the effects of aging. Getting older has different effects on different people and effects them in different ways. Some experience these effects in the most intimate areas of their bodies and life. Age should never dictate your intimacy. Newman & Company offers a variety of intimate rejuvenation treatments to give your private parts the extra boost they may need.

Time to bring on the fun!

Vaginal Rejuvenation
Laser treatment to improve vaginal tightness, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness.

Intimate Area Lightening
Targets discoloration in intimate areas of the body.

She-Shot (PRF)
Improve urinary incontinence, significantly enhance your sex life and sensitivity.

He-Shot (PRF)
Improve vascular & erectile function, nerve sensitivity, sexual performance & pleasure.