The New Facial that’s like a Breath of Fresh Air!

The New Facial That’s Like a Breath of Fresh Air!

This amazing new facial is like a breath of fresh air…a breath of fresh air for YOUR SKIN! It’s called the Oxygen Facial. So now you might be wondering what in the world an Oxygen Facial is and how it works? Contrary to the name, it does not involve spraying oxygen onto the skin. It’s a bit more scientific than that. This 3-in-1 oxygen super facial works upon the natural processes of the body to oxygenate the skin from within. All the products used during the treatment increase cellular microcirculation, creating a surge of oxygen to skin cells through the Bohr Effect. This effect is generated by an abundance of CO2 bubbles that permeate the upper skin layer to trigger the physiological response of the body to surge oxygen to the skin naturally from within. So now that we understand the science behind this amazing facial, let’s talk about all of the skin changing benefits that go along with it!

The Benefits

– Plumps, Hydrates, and Brightens Skin

– Shrinks the Appearance of Pores

– Improves Skin Texture

– Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Not only does the Oxygen Facial have an immediate beautifying effect, but it also improves the skin long term with improved microcirculation. This slows down the aging process and significantly contributes to the skin functionality that consequently improves its appearance.

Best of all, the results aren’t surface level. Rather, since it works from the inside out! So if you’re dying to try this facial out, let us know! One of our specialized aestheticians would love to help you reach your skincare goals!