5 Reasons to NEVER Use a Tanning Bed

5 Reasons to NEVER use a Tanning Bed

So first off let’s touch base on that title up there! This article should really be called “If you are still crazy enough to currently be using a tanning bed in this day and age after everything we know about sun damage and skin cancer – here’s 5 more reasons that you should never use a tanning bed!” But since that title is incredibly too long and we’ll assume you’re probably smart enough to no longer be using a tanning bed…just consider this article as a reminder of why you should never go back to UV tanning, either in a bed or outdoors. Alright, now that we’ve got all that straightened out…let’s talk TANNING, both indoor and out.

Ah yes,  that lovely bronze we’ve all come to love and adore. That’s what I’m talking about, except let’s refresh our memories on all the damage it causes and how absolutely terrible it is for your skin health.

So what the heck is Ultraviolet (UV) radiation anyway?

It’s electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun and sources like tanning beds and sun lamps. UVA/ UVB rays can cause actual damage to your skin cell’s DNA.

So what is happening when our skin “tans”?

Tanning is actually a visible sign that our skin is physically being damaged. Yes, that’s right. When our skin is exposed to UV radiation, damage to the outermost skin cells occur. Our body responds by increasing melanin production to try to protect it from further damage. Aka that bronzed glow is really just a sign that damage to the skin cells has occurred. 😊

Here’s those 5 reasons to NEVER use a tanning bed we talked about up there👆:

  1. Tanning beds are NOT safer than the sun and are NOT safe at all.
  2. Tanning accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, leathery skin and loss of skin firmness.
  3. Tanning causes DNA injury in ALL skin types.
  4. UV radiation is carcinogenic to humans, it can cause cancer.
  5. There are more skin cancer cases due to indoor tanning than there are lung cancer cases due to smoking.

So seriously, PLEASE protect your skin starting right NOW! Here’s some tips to avoid the sun:

🧴 SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN🧴 – Do I need to say it again?!Apply at least SPF 30 on the daily and make sure to reapply often. It is not a one time application, people. YES this also means on cloudy days and when the weather is cold – the sun’s rays always find a way to penetrate your skin!

👒 Hat👒 – Wear a hat Protect your face. Need I say more? It’s that easy.

🕶 Sunglasses 🕶 –  Not only do they look cute but they are protecting your eyes from potential damage. Plus they stop you from squinting and getting ugly wrinkles around your eyes.

🌳 Shade🌳 – Your skin will thank you – trust me. Find a shady hang out and park it!

✨  Spray Tan ✨ – If you still want that sun kissed glow, get a spray tan!

If you haven’t always avoided the sun, don’t stress. Change your habits now to prevent further sun damage. And if you’ve already got sun damage – we can help you out here at Newman & Co to get rid of any current sun damage you’ve already accumulated. We have several services to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots. Come see us!